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With a population of over 1 million people, Edmonton, AB is quickly rising in the ranks of popularity as an ideal destination for new homeowners and young families. It is a quaint metropolitan area that balances the hustle and bustle of city living with the familiarity and welcome of a suburban locale. With all of its appealing features, it comes as no surprise to many that Edmonton would see a stable housing market and economic boom that offers homes and rentals to entice newcomers to the area. It also makes it an attractive destination for Realtors.

For those looking for real estate services in Edmonton, the search usually stops at the phone book, or nowadays, at the search engine. It’s easy to find someone who will guarantee a sale without truly getting to know the needs of their clients. At a time when the bottom line can dominate the experience, finding quality Realtor that put their clients at the forefront can be difficult.

Real estate consultants differ from real estate agents by their approach and, usually, by their payment structure. While real estate agents get paid by commission on sale, a real estate consultant is oftentimes paid by retainer, similar to an attorney, or even by flat fee. Real estate consulting incorporates a number of efforts to affect outcomes; consultants usually maintain ongoing relationships with their clients while they work as their real estate advocates.

A qualified real estate consultant will provide guidance, insight, and evaluation for both buyers and sellers who are trying to improve their odds of either finding the right property or selling for the right price. In Edmonton, a real estate consultant is an invaluable tool to making the best of the market; the right real estate consultant can be the key to unlocking all of Edmonton’s charms.