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Edmonton, Alberta is a thriving metropolitan city that offers affordable housing, cultural enrichment, and good jobs. Edmonton holds its own when compared to Toronto or Ontario; it is a metropolitan beacon in its own right, with over a million residents who call the greater Edmonton area home. It is a blossoming metro area with lots of promise and appealing features.

Edmonton has a lot to offer in the way of housing. Overall, it boasts lower average home costs when compared to other Canadian cities such as Calgary or Vancouver. Additionally, Edmonton’s economic stability makes it an appealing locale for younger buyers, first-time homeowners, and families looking to settle down. There are a multitude of residential property types on the market, from condominiums to single-family detached homes.

Edmonton boasts a strong housing market that has continued on pace for several years. The city distinguishes itself from larger metro areas such as Toronto in that it is not seeing an overall cooling in the real estate market. While there are a number of fluctuation with regard to the availability of homes within a certain range, notably the $300-400,000k price range, both home-buyers and home sellers are seeing an improvement in the market overall. In addition to property ownership, Edmonton also offers a healthy selection of rental accommodations.

As an entertainment and recreation destination, Edmonton is home to one of the largest malls in the world, West Edmonton Mall, and is also referred to as “The Festival City” due to its numerous annual string of festivals. Edmonton is also seeing a boost in its infrastructure, with transportation projects in development. The city’s youthful and diverse demographic, in combination with it bustling local economy has brought in numerous small businesses and larger business ventures. It is quickly positioning itself as an all-around attractive option for home seekers.