The Sara Jessie Advantage:

Together We Serve You Better…

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If you are selling your home, we have a comprehensive 10 Step Custom Marketing Formula for all of our sellers designed to get your home the exposure it deserves and sell it fast. Our 10 Step Custom Marketing Formula markets your home 24/7 utilizing:

  1. Complimentary home staging to bring out the best in your home and connect with your ideal buyer;
  2. Professional home photography to capture the true essence of your home and showcase it’s highest value for the buyer;
  3. Full color marketing packages/highlight sheets so viewers have something to take with them after viewing the property;
  4. Broker/Public Open House (if applicable) to help spread the word and get buyers & Real Estate Agents talking about your home and create a “buzz”;
  5. Custom online profiles for MLS to get in front of buyers searching for a home just like yours;
  6. Custom post to our website to tell the story of your home and highlight why it’s a “no brainer” for that perfect buyer just waiting to come across your listing;
  7. Posting to our network on Social Media & custom “teaser” video of the property (if applicable);
  8. Professional agent on stand-by for showings if required, providing a detailed tour so the potential buyer will not miss any highlights;
  9. Neighborhood advertising & signage will be placed appropriately to attract traffic on foot or driving by;
  10. Personal access to our team 24/7 should you have any questions or something comes up (you get our personal phone number and won’t have to deal with a “middle person”).

*Probably the service that our clients might be the most grateful for as a part of the Sara Jessie Advantage is complimentary cleaning services. if you have ever moved before, you know when you get to the part of the move when all of the boxes are out and packed into the moving van, the last thing in the world you want to do is pick up a mop or vacuum and clean your old home…

We found a simple solution for our clients – The Sara Jessie Advantage!


“When you work with Sara Jessie Real Estate Services, you have both of us, working with you and get 7 days a week agent access.”



You know that one person you can count on any time, anywhere, any place?

  • The one who every weekend after work would sit down and eat a birthday cake with you for no reason at all (it’s no one’s birthday)…
  • The one who completes your “Mutt & Jeff” tribute during those awkward teenage years (Sara is tall and Jessie is short)…
  • The one person who can read you like a book without you having to say a word, and yet they still know exactly what to say…
  • That person who stands beside you when you get married…
  • The one who will make you laugh so hard you it literally hurts – even tears will appear (the happy ones)…
  • The one who when everything else in your world seems upside down, they hold you right side up?

As we grew up, we started to realize this wasn’t exactly “normal” for everyone BUT this IS our “normal”.

Not everyone has the kind of relationship we have as we get older, we know it’s something that we appreciate each and every day together – we celebrate it every chance we get…

Our first “real job” together was working in Slave Lake at Sara’s family’s grocery store. We grew up together in dance classes and were captain and co-captain of our cheerleading squad. So when Jessie moved back home from Toronto after being away for 5 years, it was a natural conversation and transition for us to start working together – we already know we were a great team!

We are proud to say that we bring our unique friendship with us to work everyday.

We think our clients enjoy how we create a fun, caring and stress-free environment for them all the while making a seemingly huge transition in their lives seamless.

Owning a home is likely the largest transaction our clients will make in their lives and we strive to take care of all of the “hard stuff” so they can focus on and start enjoying the next phase of their lives.

We are a boutique real estate company who create a VERY personalized, dream experience for our clients.

We have found that in working with our clients over the years selling condo developments, we now have them coming back to us as Realtors (R) asking us to help them sell and move on to the next phase of their lives – for us this is the BEST compliment we could ever receive!

The foundation of The Sara Jessie Advantage is built on personal relationships – and it always will be.

We have actually had discussions with other Realtors about how much of our personal time is spent with our clients (they think it’s too much) – we believe this is just a given when you work with us.

We will never sacrifice quality for quantity.

We want to treat our clients the same way we would want to be treated in their situation. For us, it’s as simple as that.

Stollery Children's Hostpital Foundation - Sara Jessie Real Estate Services - Edmonton, AB

Maybe the thing that we are MOST proud of in starting our business together is our community involvement. We donate a portion of every sale to Edmonton’s own Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. We also sponsor the Annual MS Golf Tournament here in Edmonton, and continue to get involved with events in and around the city.

So, what do YOU think of The Sara Jessie Advantage?

If you’d like to hear what others have to say about working with us, please check out Sara Jessie Real Estate Services Reviews (click here).

If you are interested in learning more about the Sara Jessie Advantage and how it can assist you, contact us at 780.222.8864 … we would be happy to personally answer any questions you have.